Tim's top plant and gardening tips for February

Now is the time to get your garden ready for spring. Cut down non-evergreen grasses such as Miscanthus and stipa tenuissima before the new growth emerges to avoid damage to the new shoots. Cut off brown tips and remove brown basal leaves on evergreen grasses and comb through Stipa gigantea with gloved hands to remove old dead foliage and cut off any dead flowers remaining.
Cut down any herbaceous plants, such as Sedums, that were left unpruned for winter interest.
During late winter and early spring, cut the top growth of summer flowering Clematis down to a healthy pair of buds above the base of stems formed the previous season - leave short stumpy stems, about 45cm above the ground.
Now is also the time to start pruning your roses. So get your secateurs out and get your garden into shape.

Marianne’s top design tips for February

It is often assumed that February is a dreary month when nothing is in flower and the garden is looking dull. However, some of the most fragrant and beautiful plants such as Hamamelis, Daphne, Cornus or Edgworthia look their best now and early flowering bulbs such as Snowdrops and Crocus brighten up even the greyest day. Many evergreen shrubs really come into their own in winter and it is a good time to visit gardens open to the public such as Sheffield Park and Nymans Garden in Sussex for inspiration.
If you look at your garden and despair, call in a professional garden designer. Winter is the perfect time to assess a garden as it is stripped back to its bare bones. A garden designer will come up with suggestions and ideas that you may never have thought of and with your input create the garden of your dreams.