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Maianthemum canadense

Canada Mayflower or False Lily of the Valley

Photo of Maianthemum canadense


Small, dense, cluster of tiny, white, star-shaped flowers in June/July. A low plant, only 3-6 in. tall, false lily-of-the-valley blankets woodlands with its two shiny, oval leaves. In bloom, tiny, white flowers are held in upright clusters on separate, delicate stems. The fruit is a small, pale red berry. The Latin name, Maianthemum, means "May blossom" - an appropriate name because the plant flowers in May.

Later in the summer, the flowers become small berries with one to two seeds. The berries are initially green with spots, then turn a mottled dull red in late summer and red in the autumn.


  • Perennials

Foliage: Deciduous

Hardiness: Hardy

Vigour: Medium growing


  • Cottage style garden
  • Woodland area

Special features

  • Attractive to wildlife
  • Low maintenance
  • Ground cover
  • Attractive to bees
  • Berries

Care instructions

Prefers rich loose moist soils and partial shade. High heat and dry soils to be avoided


Size: Small

Pot size: 2 litre

Eventual height: 25cm

Eventual spread: 100cm


  • Light shade


  • East
  • West
  • North

Soil types

  • Normal
  • Clay

Soil pH ranges

  • Acid
  • Neutral

Special conditions

  • Wet shade